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2020 Nutcracker Information

2020 Nutcracker & Concerto Costume Notes: Click Here for Ensemble and Ballet Company Costume Info

CAPA 2020 Nutcracker & Concerto Rehearsals and Filming Schedule.

All rehearsals and filming will take place at CAPA.  Details of which participants are called on each day are listed in the right hand column.  If you are unclear which days your dancer needs to be present, please email Lynn at


  • The Dress Rehearsals on Sunday November 29th and Monday November 30th for Nutcracker Act 1 and 2 are MANDATORY.
  • The Auditioned/Featured roles Rehearsal on Saturday November 28th is also mandatory.
  • Rachel will hold an OPTIONAL rehearsal for Auditioned/Featured Roles on Sunday November 22nd.  This rehearsal is NOT mandatory.
  • Full Costumes and Hair for Dress Rehearsals (I will send a separate email to the younger ensembles with costume and hair details)
  • Full Costumes, Hair and Makeup for all Filming Dates.
  • We will be filming in small groups (1 cohort at a time for most dances) in order to minimize the amount of people in the studio at one time.  More specific call times for each day (rehearsals and filming days) will be sent out later on.
  • Dancers will be allowed to remove their masks only when we are filming their dance.  Masks on during rehearsals and at all times other than while filming their piece.  Masks on at all times for all staff/crew/parents.
  • If your family is opting out of filming, please make sure you alert the teachers ASAP (or email me and I will forward) for staging purposes.
  • Due to Covid, No audience/spectators during rehearsals this year or during filming.
  • On Wednesday’s filming day ONLY, we will run a zoom so that Daisy, Rose, Poppy & Violet parents may watch their young dancers remotely.


Daisy – Act 2 (Angels) and Concerto
Rose – Act 2 (Bon Bons), and Concerto
Poppy – Act 1 (party children) and Concerto
Violet – Act 2 (Candy Canes) and Concerto
Calla – Concerto Only
Lilac – Concerto Only
Iris – Concerto Only
Jr. Ensemble – Concerto Only
Sr. Ensemble – Act 1, Act 2 and Concerto

Aurora – Act 1 (Fight Scene, Mice)
Junior Maids – Act 1
Coppelia – Act 1 (Fight Scene, Soldiers)
Sylphide – Act 1 (Dolls)
Kirov – Act 2 (Chinese Tea)
Paquita – Act 2 (Spanish)
Kitri – Act 2 (Mirlitons)
Jr. Ballet – Act 2 (Waltz of the Flowers)
Sr. Ballet – Act 1 (Snow)

THANK YOU again to every parent, student and teacher for your continued patience and support this year!!  We appreciate all of your efforts and cooperation in pulling off our first (and hopefully last) Nutcracker pandemic production.