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Latest News

NUTCRACKER DVDs and how to buy them

If you wish to order a Nutcracker DVD, please email Doyle at with which performance you would like.  The options are Show A (Friday night), Show B (Saturday matinee), Show C (Saturday night), or Show D (Sunday matinee).  If you are in ensemble or ballet company, one DVD plus one concerto is included free.  Additional DVDs will be charged to your CAPA account at $25 each.  Even if you aren’t ordering extras, please make sure to email Doyle with what show you want, otherwise he won’t know which show to make for you.  :)

DVDs should be ready for distribution any day now!

Winter/Spring 2014 Registration

School Year 2013-2014: CAPA Registration is Closed

We are no longer accepting new registrations for the 2013/2014 school year.  Our summer session schedule (8 weeks) will be published in late March, and classes will run from June 23 – August 16.  Please check back on our site in the Spring and we hope to see you over the summer!

June Show Costumes – Important Notes

June Show costumes have begun arriving and are being distributed as they come!  All the ones we’ve seen look beautiful. The balances owed on the costumes are being charged this week on your CAPA accounts, so if you see a strange amount charged on your card from CAPA, that’s probably it.  As an FYI, anytime you see a charge from CAPA that you don’t understand, you can log in to your account from our website and choose “View Fees and Payments,” which will specify what each charge is for. To see the balance owed for each costume, click here.

Each costume was individually ordered based on each child’s current measurements compared with that specific costume company’s size chart. Even with the most careful ordering, though, invariably there’s a few that don’t work. Unfortunately it’s extremely difficult, costly and time consuming to return costumes and place new individual orders.  So, we try hard to only do returns in extreme cases, like if the child can’t get into the costume.  If it’s a bit snug, that’s ok. They are only wearing them for a short time onstage.  We try to do alterations rather than returns due to how difficult the companies make it to do returns and re-purchases.  If your child absolutely cannot fit into the costume ordered for her and it is not fixable with a minor alteration, please return it to the office within two weeks of receipt.  Otherwise, we can’t send it back.

Due to the sheer volume of costumes (1600 individual costume pieces this year), we are distributing them as soon as they come in.  Often, costume companies will not ship complete orders, so we frequently receive partial orders.  In an effort to keep our dressing room from bursting, we are passing out costumes as they arrive, which means that not every child will receive their costumes at the same time.  All the costumes will arrive in time for the show, and please assure your daughters that it’s ok if her costume comes in later than someone else’s.

What to do with old dance shoes??

Many times, your child will outgrow her dance shoes before they are worn out. If you would like to donate your outgrown shoes to a younger dancer (or just one with smaller feet), please leave them in the labeled bin in Dressing Room B (next to Studio B).  Then, when your daughter needs a new pair, see if there’s a pair in the box that fit!  Reduce, re-use, recycle.

Safety issues in CAPA parking lot

It’s very important to us that children be safe in our parking lot.  If you are dropping off or picking up a student at CAPA, please do not stop your car in front of the entrance.  This not only creates a traffic backup, but also creates a visual barrier that is very unsafe if a child runs out from in front of your stopped vehicle.  Imagine you are stopped in front of the door “just for a second,” and the person behind you is in a hurry, and they pull around you, and at the same moment a child runs out from in front of your idling car directly into the path of the car pulling around you.  None of us want to see that happen.  Even if you are just dropping off or picking up kids waiting outside, please pull into a parking spot or pull into the alley in front of the breezeway.  Drive slowly and be very aware when pulling out that kids are everywhere!  Also, please ask your children to wait inside where it’s safe and warm after dark, and if they are going to wait outside, to please keep a jacket or sweatshirt in their dance bag so they don’t catch cold.  Many dancers are coming out of a strenuous class, hot and sweaty, and waiting outside in very cold weather for their moms to pick them up.  We want to keep them healthy and safe!