Latest News


Latest News

June Showcase Tickets!

Tickets go on sale to the public on Weds., May 25, at 12pm at!   Click here for more info.

Quick Change Passes for Backstage

If your dancer has only one or two numbers between her own two numbers in the show, she will need to change backstage (for that costume change only, the rest she will do in the dressing room) and mom or a female friend might need to help her.  In order to be allowed backstage, her helper will need a quick change backstage pass.  Click here to apply for a backstage quick change pass, which will be available for pickup at the ticket desk in the lobby the night of the show.

Awards Banquet!! 

One of CAPA’s most time honored traditions is our annual awards banquet, which all ensemble and ballet company members are invited to attend with their families.  It is such a fun way to wrap up the school and dance year and always creates lasting memories for our dancers.  In addition to our annual awards ceremony and senior farewell, there will be music, dancing, a catered dinner, dessert & drinks!  Don’t miss this chance to celebrate the end of a fantastic year with your dance buddies, teachers and families!  Click here to get your tickets! ($34 each)

Backstage Moms…who are they and what do they do?

All classes of younger dancers (Intro to Dance, Beginning Dance, Young Dancer, Levels 1, 2 & 3) will have two volunteer backstage moms whose job it is to escort them from the dressing room to backstage, and back to the dressing room after they perform. This is one of our favorite parts of June show as a mom…it is truly not a volunteer job…it is a really fun perk to be able to watch them perform from backstage (sorry, no dads, because we have the older dancers making quick changes backstage).  Your job is to keep an eye on the dancers in the dressing room from about 30 minutes before they perform until after they are done dancing, check their costumes for readiness, escort them backstage, make sure they are lined up and ready to go onstage, and of course calm any pre-dance jitters 🙂 After they perform, you will escort them back to the dressing room, where all parents are asked to meet their dancers immediately after they are done performing so that they can be released into their care. We have 2 backstage escorts per show. This job is first come first served. Please make sure that you are signing up for the correct class or ensemble. This is considered a perk and does not replace the June Show volunteer requirement for ensemble and ballet company parents.

The link to sign up for Backstage Moms will go out on Thursday morning, 5/26, around 10am.

CAPA’s Summer Schedule!

Registration is open!  Classes are filling up, don’t miss out!  Just click on the “Register” link next to the classes you wish to register for.  Click here for the schedule!

Download the CAPA app!

We are kind of excited about this…CAPA now has a smartphone app!  Yep, there’s an app for that.  🙂  Now, with just a couple of taps from your phone, you can access your dancer’s schedule (raise your hand if you’ve ever forgotten what time her class ends…), send us an email about an absence, check our calendar, see our latest news, register for classes, update your credit card info, and more!  You can also receive “push notifications,” such as upcoming closures, holidays, ticket sales, rehearsal reminders, etc. (we highly recommend saying “yes” when it asks you if you will allow push notifications…that way, reminders and such will automatically pop up on your screen.  We promise not to overuse them!).  All of this can now happen from your phone’s home screen.  To download, just click on the links below. You only have to log in once, using the email and password combo you created when you created your CAPA account.  After that, everything is just a tap away!

CAPA Registration

We have closed CAPA registration for the remainder of our 2015-16 year that ends with our June Show since our staff will be preparing their classes for our upcoming June Showcase.

If you are transferring in from another dance program please contact us by dropping us an email at, and we may be able to fit your child into an appropriate technique class. Registration for the Summer Session is open!

What to do with old dance shoes??

Many times, your child will outgrow her dance shoes before they are worn out. If you would like to donate your outgrown shoes to a younger dancer (or just one with smaller feet), please leave them in the labeled bin in Dressing Room B (next to Studio B).  Then, when your daughter needs a new pair, see if there’s a pair in the box that fit!  Reduce, re-use, recycle.

Safety issues in CAPA parking lot

It’s very important to us that children be safe in our parking lot.  If you are dropping off or picking up a student at CAPA, please do not stop your car in front of the entrance.  This not only creates a traffic backup, but also creates a visual barrier that is very unsafe if a child runs out from in front of your stopped vehicle.  Imagine you are stopped in front of the door “just for a second,” and the person behind you is in a hurry, and they pull around you, and at the same moment a child runs out from in front of your idling car directly into the path of the car pulling around you.  None of us want to see that happen.  Even if you are just dropping off or picking up kids waiting outside, please pull into a parking spot or pull into the alley in front of the breezeway.  Drive slowly and be very aware when pulling out that kids are everywhere!  Also, please ask your children to wait inside where it’s safe and warm after dark, and if they are going to wait outside, to please keep a jacket or sweatshirt in their dance bag so they don’t catch cold.  Many dancers are coming out of a strenuous class, hot and sweaty, and waiting outside in very cold weather for their moms to pick them up.  We want to keep them healthy and safe!