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Summer 2017 Registration Information

Greetings! Below is the information for our amazing summer program which runs for eight weeks, beginning on June 19 and ending on August 12.  Registration for our summer session will open in April (and the schedule will be posted then, too), and we hope to have you join us for summer classes!  Most classes are offered in the afternoon, one time per week, and are typically an hour long.  The tuition is only $98 for the entire summer (less than half of what gymnastics classes cost!), and it goes down if your family is cumulatively taking more than five hours per week.  Summer is a great time to try out dance for the first time, or to try a new type of dance.  Put on your dancin’ shoes and come join us for some fun!

REGISTRATION & TUITION: Registration for our summer classes will open in early April.  Registering and paying for classes is as easy as a few clicks from your home computer.  You register and pay for summer classes just like the rest of the year by registering online for the classes you wish to take, and tuition will be automatically charged to your CAPA account in monthly installments just like the school year. While our summer classes run for eight weeks, we recognize that many families will take a vacation during this time, so we are offering a discount off of our school year rates.   Most of the summer requirements for the ensembles and ballet companies are based on attending only six weeks of classes, so don’t panic if you are an ensemble or ballet company member and have a vacation planned.  We will still provide the same price breaks beginning at five hours a week per family for a volume discount.  If you are new to CAPA, please click here to register and create an account.

WHAT LEVEL SHOULD I REGISTER FOR?  You should register for the same level of classes your dancers have been taking during this school year.  Summer requirements should be fulfilled with your current level of classes.  Up to two make-ups can be taken for each class you register for, and a make-up class can be the same level, one level up or one level down for Tap, Jazz, Contemporary & Hip Hop, or one level down for Ballet.  Your teachers will make recommendations for your appropriate levels for Fall 2016 classes at the end of the summer.  If you are a new student, please check with management about the appropriate levels.

UNLIMITED SUMMER DANCE PASS!?  Once again, we are offering a special opportunity for our Ensemble and Ballet Company dancers only.  Summer requirements are minimum only – but for the dancers that ask, “How many classes CAN I take?” instead of, “How many MUST I take?” we are offering the UNLIMITED DANCE PASS that permits dancers to take ALL the classes they wish for the entire summer.  You must still register for the classes you want to take so we can make sure the classes are not overcrowded.  We ask only that dancers take classes no more than one level lower or higher than their normal level (ballet classes may go one level down only and must have special permission from Rachel to go one level up).  Dancers with unlimited passes still need to fulfill their ensemble and ballet company summer requirements with their current level of each type of dance, but can take as many extras as they wish.  PLEASE NOTE: these passes MUST be purchased BEFORE June 11th.  The cost of the UNLIMITED DANCE PASS for the various groups is listed below.  No refunds or credits after purchase except for medical reasons substantiated by a doctor’s note.  How do you purchase one?  It will have its own listing on our website when you register, so make sure that you select the “Unlimited Dance Pass” option as its own class in addition to registering for the classes you wish to take.

  • Jr. & Sr. Ensemble: $680/ Lilac & Iris: $640
  • Calla & Violet: $590/ Poppy: $550/ Daisy & Rose: $440
  • Ballet Only: $480/ Potential Daisies (Current Young Dancers): $160

SUMMER REQUIREMENTS: The summer requirements for the ensembles and ballet companies are listed below.  Only dancers that fully complete their summer requirements will be eligible for ensemble and ballet company placement for the Fall.  Your requirements are based on your CURRENT ensemble or ballet company, not what you hope to be joining in Fall 2015.  It is set up so that you only need to register for one class of each type of required dance.  For example, if you are a current Rose, you will need to register for one ballet class, one tap class, and one jazz class.  If you are a current Lilac, Iris, Jr. or Sr. Ensemble member, your ballet classes are longer, so although the hourly requirement for ballet is more, you still only need to register for one ballet class, one tap class, one jazz class, and one contemporary class.  You may of course register for more if you wish.  Note: If your ballet company requirement is different from your ballet requirement for ensemble, take the number of hours required for your ballet company.  You do not need to add the two together.  🙂  Hip hop is considered an elective and does not qualify as a jazz requirement.

Potential Daisies (current Young Dancers) minimum:  Young Dancer Plus:  7.5 Hours (class is 1.5 hrs)
Daisy:         Ballet 5 hrs           Tap 5 hrs        Jazz suggested
Rose:          Ballet 5 hrs           Tap 5 hrs         Jazz 5 hrs
Poppy:       Ballet 6 hrs           Tap 6 hrs         Jazz 6 hrs
Violet:        Ballet 6 hrs           Tap 6 hrs         Jazz 6 hrs      Contemporary suggested
Calla:   Ballet 6 hrs          Tap 6 hrs         Jazz 6 hrs      Contemporary 6 hrs
Lilac:          Ballet 9 hrs          Tap 6 hrs         Jazz 6 hrs      Contemporary 6 hrs
Iris:  Ballet 9 hrs          Tap 6 hrs        Jazz 6 hrs      Contemporary 6 hrs
Jr. Ens.        Ballet 10 hrs        Tap 6 hrs.       Jazz 7.5 hrs.  Contemporary 7.5 hrs.      Jr./Sr. Ensemble Class – All* *
Sr. Ens.       Ballet 10 hrs        Tap 6 hrs.       Jazz 7.5 hrs.  Contemporary 10 hrs.      Jr./Sr. Ensemble Class – All* *
Aurora & Coppelia — 6 hours Ballet
Sylphide — 9 hours Ballet

Kirov, Paquita, Kitri — 12 hours Ballet
Junior and Senior Ballet — 18 hours Ballet
* Classes that do not have enough students enrolled by the time classes begin in June may be combined with other classes.  Final schedule is at the discretion of the director and is subject to change.
* * The Jr. and Sr. Ensemble Class is a Technique and Choreography class that Lynn is holding throughout the summer for those ensemble dancers who are in town. If you are attending an out of town workshop or are on a family vacation, you are excused, otherwise all Jr. & Sr. Ensemble members are required to attend.  Professional programs such as Lines or SF Ballet are considered fulfillment of required hours in appropriate disciplines. Attendance at other Bay Area schools is not. You are asked to submit documentation of attendance and fulfillment to the office. Please note that your attendance in your required CAPA classes has been noted and is being used to determine your placement for the following year.