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Summer Requirements for Ensembles & Ballet Companies

SUMMER REQUIREMENTS: The summer requirements for the ensembles and ballet companies are listed below.  Summer requirements are in place because these are our elite dancers, and technique, strength and flexibility must be continuously worked on in order to keep it…with dance, as in many sports, it’s “use it or lose it!”  Only dancers that fully complete their summer requirements will be eligible for ensemble and ballet company placement for the fall.  Your requirements are based on your CURRENT ensemble or ballet company (this is what you took this past school year), not what you hope to be joining in fall 2018.  It is set up so that you only need to register for one class of each type of required dance.  For example, if you are a current Rose, you will need to register for one ballet class, one tap class, and one jazz class.  If you are a current Lilac, Iris, Jr. or Sr. Ensemble member, your ballet classes are longer, so although the hourly requirement for ballet is more, you still only need to register for one ballet class, one tap class, one jazz class, and one contemporary class.  You may of course register for more if you wish.  Dancers with unlimited summer dance passes still need to fulfill their ensemble and ballet company summer requirements with their current level of each type of dance, but can take as many extras as they wish (one level up or down for jazz, tap & contemporary, one level down for ballet except with special permission from Rachel). Production and potential Production Dancers please  note that they must also take the Production Workshop class since fall choreography will be taught.

Click below to see our summer schedule for this year (registration will open April 1st):

Summer Schedule 2018


Potential Daisies (current Young Dancers) minimum:  Young Dancer Plus:  7.5 Hours (class is 1.5 hrs)
Daisy:         Ballet 5 hrs           Tap 5 hrs        Jazz suggested
Rose:          Ballet 5 hrs           Tap 5 hrs         Jazz 5 hrs
Poppy:       Ballet 6 hrs           Tap 6 hrs         Jazz 6 hrs
Violet:        Ballet 6 hrs           Tap 6 hrs         Jazz 6 hrs      Contemporary suggested
Calla:         Ballet 6 hrs          Tap 6 hrs         Jazz 6 hrs      Contemporary 6 hrs
Lilac:          Ballet 9 hrs          Tap 6 hrs         Jazz 6 hrs      Contemporary 6 hrs
Iris:            Ballet 9 hrs          Tap 6 hrs        Jazz 6 hrs      Contemporary 6 hrs
Jr. Ens.        Ballet 10 hrs        Tap 6 hrs.       Jazz 7.5 hrs.  Contemporary 7.5 hrs.      Jr./Sr. Ens. Class – All* *
Sr. Ens.       Ballet 10 hrs        Tap 6 hrs.       Jazz 7.5 hrs.  Contemporary 10 hrs.      Jr./Sr. Ens. Class – All* *
Aurora & Coppelia — 6 hours Ballet
Sylphide — 9 hours Ballet

Kirov, Paquita, Kitri — 12 hours Ballet
Junior and Senior Ballet — 18 hours Ballet
 Production – Must take Summer Production Workshop Class
* * The Jr. and Sr. Ensemble Class is a Technique and Choreography class that Lynn is holding throughout the summer for those ensemble dancers who are in town. If you are attending an out of town workshop or are on a family vacation, you are excused, otherwise all Jr. & Sr. Ensemble members are required to attend.  Professional programs such as Lines or SF Ballet are considered fulfillment of required hours in appropriate disciplines. Attendance at other Bay Area schools is not. You are asked to submit documentation of attendance and fulfillment to the office. Please note that your attendance in your required CAPA classes has been noted and is being used to determine your placement for the following year.