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Ensembles, Ballet Companies & Production Groups – Descriptions

CAPA Offers Elite Performing Ensembles, Ballet Companies & Production Groups

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Membership in one of our elite ENSEMBLES or BALLET COMPANIES gives the dancer the opportunity to perform in our NUTCRACKER or HOLIDAY CONCERTO (the multi-genre showcase performed after the Nutcracker on two evenings).  These dancers will also have opportunities for optional travel with CAPA & occasional special local performances. CAPA’s ensembles have even traveled abroad, to the Caribbean and Mexico on cruise ships, Disneyland, and more. All ensembles and companies have special requirements that must be met. Summer classes are required ( you can click here to see the summer dance requirements for each group).  If you wish to become a member of our Performing Ensembles and/or Ballet Companies, please contact us at  Performing Ensembles and Companies exist for those dancers who wish to make dance a major part of their extracurricular life. It is the perfect outlet for artistic and physical expression and teaches teamwork, commitment and personal best. Our ensemble and company members form very close bonds and remain lifelong friends. Last year, nearly 200 dancers participated in our Ensemble and Company program. A large majority participate in both ENSEMBLE and BALLET COMPANY, plus over 60 participated in PRODUCTION as well.  Almost all remain excellent academic students as well. It’s all about learning time management.

 Performing Ensembles

The traditional Performing Ensembles (which focus on grooming well rounded dancers in multiple dance styles, including jazz, tap and contemporary) begin with the Daisy Ensemble, which is for dancers in first or second grade and/or have completed a year of Young Dancer.  After Daisy comes Rose, Poppy, Violet, Calla, Lilac, Iris, Jr. Ensemble & Sr. Ensemble (these are the oldest and most advanced dancers).  All Ensembles perform in the Nutcracker Concerto (the jazz, tap and contemporary performance after the Nutcracker), and the June Showcase. Daisy, Rose, Poppy, Violet, and Sr. Ensemble also perform in the Nutcracker.

Production Ensembles

These fabulous four performing ensembles work together to develop wonderful, large group theatrical productions. Here, the art of theatrical production is taught as well as dance. They have produced wonderful pieces like Newsies, Cats, West Side Story, Wicked, Tribute to Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Aladdin and many others. Production Ensembles are open only to dancers that also participate in the traditional Performing Ensembles. There are four Production Ensembles, which begin with dancers at a minimum technique level 3. All Production Ensembles perform in all Nutcracker Concertos and all June Shows, with possible additional performances throughout the year. Our Production dancers go to elite dance conventions, perform on Princess cruises as our family vacations if they choose, and, of course, perform at Disneyland, once again with family and friends joining us if they wish.

Ballet Companies

CAPA’s elite Ballet Companies begin with the Aurora Company, which is for dancers at minimum ballet technique level 3.  After Aurora comes Coppelia, Sylphide, Kirov, Paquita, Kitri, Jr. Ballet Company & Sr. Ballet Company (these are our oldest and most advanced ballerinas). All Ballet Companies perform in both the Nutcracker and the June Show. Only ballet company members are eligible for solo roles in the NUTCRACKER.

Ensemble/Company Fee

An annual fee is charged to participate in a performing ensemble, production ensemble or ballet company. This fee is normally charged in October of each year. The fee enables CAPA to maintain the extensive inventory of Nutcracker Costumes and props and also pays for additional teacher time that goes into preparation of the Nutcracker and June Shows that aren’t included in normal tuition. The 2017-18 fee is as follows:

For one child with one ensemble/company: $190.  One child with two or more ensembles/companies: $240.

Second child in a family with one ensemble/company: add $120.  With two or more ensembles/companies: add $170.

Third child with ensembles/companies: Free

Additionally, you get a free Nutcracker DVD for each child participating in an ensemble/company.