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Attendance Policy, Dropping Classes and Make-Ups

ABSENCES & MAKE-UPS:  CAPA does not have an official attendance policy for dancers who take class recreationally and are not part of our elite performing ensembles or ballet companies.  We understand that many students engage in other extracurricular activities as well, and perfect attendance is often not possible.  Of course, sporadic attendance can mean that the student does not progress as quickly as the rest of the class, and may affect their ability to move to the next level and/or can affect their ability to participate in our June Showcase performances if they haven’t been able to learn the choreography.  If you wish, make-up classes may be taken within one month of a missed class in any other class of the same type and level.  You may take up to two make up classes between August and December, and three make up classes between January and June.  You do not need to schedule these in advance, just come and let the teacher know you are there for a make-up.

CLASS CHANGES OR DROPS:  To add a class at CAPA, you simply register online via our website.  Classes with openings have a “Register” button to the left of the class listing on our schedule page.  Our Fall/Winter/Spring session runs for the school year and your registration will remain active through the end of the school year, at which point you can re-register for summer and the following school year.  We require a 30 day notice for drops, which must be requested in writing via email at  Changes to an existing schedule can be requested by notifying the office via email at  This is extremely important since we must maintain a database from which we note attendance and perform important tasks such as ordering costumes for your children.  If you drop a class before December 31st, we can refund June Showcase costume deposits as applicable.  After December 31st, costume deposits have been accounted for and cannot be refunded.

Anyone wishing to become a member of our Performing Ensembles, Ballet Companies or Production Groups should contact our managers at  Ensembles exist for those dancers who wish to make dance a major part of their extracurricular life.  It is the perfect outlet for artistic and physical expression and teaches teamwork, commitment and personal best… and friendships that last a lifetime

CAPA’s Attendance Policy for Membership in Ensemble, Ballet Company and Production Groups

Ensembles, ballet companies and our production groups are teams, and just like team participation in any sport, attendance at practices is required.  Membership is a both a privilege and a commitment.  Excessive absences, even when excused, negatively affect the whole group and the work they are creating, and it is the teacher’s or director’s prerogative to keep a dancer out of a piece or section of a piece as the result of these absences to maintain the integrity of the piece.  CAPA’s attendance policy for these elite dancers and their required classes is as follows.

• Fall Semester (August – December): Two vacation/unexcused absences per required class are allowed.  

• Winter/Spring Semester (January – June): Three vacation/unexcused absences per required class are allowed.

Excused absences are defined as true illness, a personal or family emergency, a REQUIRED school function (not homework or studying or attending a play, rehearsal or athletic event), and religious ceremonies or events required by your faith. Social events such as birthday parties are not excused.  An injured dancer is asked to attend and watch actively within the dance room during classes where choreography is being taught so that they can learn the choreography by watching – no cell phones, homework or waiting rooms during class time.

Vacation absences are any absence due to being out of town for leisure or pleasure.  Please notify us via email at before your trip so that we can let the teacher know.

All absences will be considered as vacation/unexcused unless we receive written notification in the form of an email sent to on or before the day of class explaining the reason for the absence.  We are now tracking attendance digitally and written notification via email is the only way in which we will be tracking absences.  Absences caused by illness or injury must be accompanied by a doctor’s note after more than 2 absences for the same illness or injury.  If your child is contagious, please keep them at home.

Although CAPA is generally open on most Monday holidays, absences that occur on a weekday school holiday are considered excused as we understand that many families make plans on these days.

Show Participation

For membership, participation in the Holiday and June shows is mandatory. Dates are published well in advance, and it is your responsibility to plan your calendar accordingly. Unless things change drastically, NUTCRACKER will always be the very last week of school before holiday vacation, including that weekend. JUNE SHOW is always the week following the end of school and high school graduation.

Ensemble Fee

Participation in Ensemble/Ballet company also requires an additional fee which is set each year and normally paid at the annual Ensemble Parents Meeting in the Fall. This helps us to defray the enormous cost of the productions.

Parent Volunteers

CAPA is a family, and we require parent participation to make our efforts successful. Parents who cannot volunteer around showtime will be provided an “opt-out” for an additional fee.

Respect and Conduct

There must be a wholesome, healthy, age appropriate atmosphere at all times. Students who engage in exclusionary, demeaning or hurtful behavior, whether at CAPA or CAPA sponsored activities, may be dismissed from the group.  Students are expected to treat teachers with proper respect and to devote attention to class. Students who cannot adhere to these standards may be removed from class by the teacher.  Parental conduct is a factor that will be taken into consideration in your dancer’s ability to remain a student at CAPA. Hurtful gossip and other inappropriate behaviors can result in an environment that is sometimes less than welcoming or wholesome for our families. This will not be tolerated.  Similarly, disrespect for our teachers will not be tolerated.  We have a zero tolerance policy for bullying of any kind.

Ensemble Placement

After Fall placements have been assigned, you may be dropped from a group if you have not completed your Summer requirements satisfactorily.  Your attendance during the past dance year may affect your placement.  You must be willing to accept CAPA’s decisions regarding placement. There are so many variables, but we take the best interest of each dancer AND the group into consideration at placement time.

Ensemble Contract

The ENSEMBLE CONTRACT must be signed by you and a parent. Please read it carefully and adhere to the standards set in the contract.  Click Here to download the current Ensemble contract.  All Ensemble members must sign this annual contract.