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Dress Code & Shoes

Intro to Dance, Beginning Dance and Young Dancer Classes

Dancers in these “Primary” classes will need pink ballet shoes and white mary-jane tap shoes for the June Show (any color is fine for class), and any dance wear in which they feel comfortable.  If your tap shoes have laces versus elastic, please purchase tap elastics from the office so that our dancers and teachers can spend more time dancing, less time tying shoes.  🙂  CAPA also sells leotards, tights and ballet slippers in the office.  Many parents want to know if it’s ok to leave their child unattended while they are in class at CAPA.  If your child can go to the bathroom by themselves, change from their ballet slippers into their tap shoes by themselves, and not get upset if a parent isn’t there, then the answer is “Yes.” If your child needs assistance to go to the bathroom; needs help changing shoes; or gets upset if a parents isn’t there, we ask that you please remain at CAPA in case you are needed.

Ballet Classes

Girls must wear a black leotard and pink tights and pink ballet slippers.  Any pink ballet slippers are fine for class, but for performances in Ballet 1 and above, dancers need to have clean, light pink, canvas, cross strap ballet slippers (unless your ballet company is performing on pointe or requires black shoes for a special piece).  We sell them here in the office, although you are not required to purchase them from CAPA.  Hair must be neatly secured in a bun if it is long enough. If too short for a bun, it must be worn neatly away from the face.  CAPA sells leotards, tights and ballet slippers in the office.

All Non-Ballet Classes & Ensemble Classes

Students should wear regular dance clothes for all classes.  Colors are your choice. It is preferred that shirts, baggy shorts and sweats not be worn as this restricts the teachers’ ability to see your form and make corrections. Tights or thin socks should ALWAYS be worn with dance shoes for comfort to avoid blisters. Hair should be worn secured back if possible. Dangly earrings must be avoided so they won’t “catch and rip.” Various teachers can and do establish their own dress code for class. Please adhere to all stated dress codes. No street clothes in any class other than Hip Hop.

Hip Hop

Students may wear comfortable street clothes OR dance attire, &  clean sneakers or tennis shoes.  Please purchase shoes (most students wear Converse type sneakers) that are used only for class at CAPA and have not been/will not be worn outside in order to protect the delicate surface of our dance floors.

All Contemporary Classes

Tan jazz shoes, slip on preferred or Dance Paws (we sell dance paws in the office).

All Jazz Classes

Regular dance wear and tan jazz shoes, slip on preferred.

Tap 1 & Tap 2

Regular dance wear and tan mary-jane style tap shoes.

Tap 3 and Higher Level Tap Classes

Regular dance wear and black slip-on or lace-up tap shoes with hard soles, not split soled. Capezio and Bloch are preferred.

* Teachers may ask you to leave class if you are not properly dressed.

* NOTE FOR PARENTS:  Neatness counts – a dancer performs better in class and behaves better when she is well groomed. Get in the habit of securing your daughters’ hair with pins and spray to avoid a messy appearance. Wash her dance clothes after each wearing. If she is maturing at all, please have her use deodorant. Don’t have her wear panties under tights (avoids a messy look). A dancer spends much time looking in the mirror. Make that image appealing!