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Ticket Exchange 2019

Hi CAPA Family –

Please feel free to use this bulletin board to seek or offer tickets for

                  2019 JUNE SHOWCASE performances only.

Please post all requests and offers as replies to the topic for the show performance that you need or have tickets for.

Do not start new topics – in order to be fair to all, new topics will be deleted!!

Please include the following information:
how many tickets you are offering or seeking
– if you are selling, please indicate the number and LOCATION of the seats
please provide your CONTACT information
– once your request has been fulfilled, please add a comment to that effect OR email so that the thread can be deleted

If you are responding to a post, please reply to the original comment so we can stay organized.

IMPORTANT – CAPA is providing this bulletin board as a convenience only and will not be responsible in any way for ticket transactions.