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Rules & Guidelines for Shows & Rehearsals

Show Rules

–  No non-dancing siblings or friends during rehearsals, and no observers except for one parent or guardian for each dancer.

–  No video taping during the show

–  No flash photography

–  No running or talking above a whisper in the theater

–  No panties under costumes, just tights

–  No colored hair elastics – No wispies, use hair gel

–  No jewelry – No watches

–  No wrinkled or dirty costumes

–  No food or drink in the dressing rooms

–  No pinning of straps, sew them

 Rehearsals and Performance Days

–  No late arrivals

–  No costume parts or dance shoes without names

–  No costumes in the theater, theater lobby, or in front of the theater on show days.  Wear a cover-up.

–  No gum – No nail polish – No earrings (other than as part of a costume).

Make-up and Hair

Show makeup is an adventure! The following are some suggestions as to what is appropriate for the stage.  REMEMBER – MAKEUP LOOKS VERY DIFFERENT UNDER STAGE LIGHTS!

–  Skin tones need to be smooth and non-shiny. Use a base if you are pale and powder to eliminate shine.

–  Use blush on cheekbones.

–  An eyelash curler is a girl’s best friend to open those eyes.

–  Black mascara both top and bottom is a must.

–  Eyeliner really accents eyes. Try it on both lids.

–  Eye shadow in your under brow bone works well.

–  RED lipstick

–  Hair must not have ornaments of any kind that show. The very best hair elastics are BLAX.  These are clear, non-damaging and stay in very well.

–  Check with your teacher for the proper hairstyle for each number.

–  Bun trouble?  Use hair gel to smooth wispies – hair nets with elastic are a must – hair pins will hold your bun in place – add a good shot of hairspray to make sure every hair stays in place.

–  No jewelry of any kind when performing unless a stated part of the costume.

–  No nail polish other than clear.

–  Costume pieces must be in good repair, not wrinkled, and sewn where needed, not pinned.

–  Hats must be secured with clear or tan elastic or pins.  A hat falling off during a performance ruins the effect of the dance.  NO “WISPIES!” Spray until foolproof.

Top 10 Items For Your Dance Bag

Hair nets – hair spray – bobby pins – hair pins – hair gel – safety pins – band aids – needle & thread – scissors – clear nail polish

Be Prepared!

Make a list of everything you need for each dance:  (i.e., tan tights, black jazz shoes, jazz pants, pink leotard, and hat) and use this list as you pack your dance bag.  Check the list after each rehearsal and show to be sure you haven’t misplaced anything.  Label all your costume parts and shoes with your name. Don’t learn this lesson the hard way by forgetting something at home!