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What Is It?

‘Tis the season when snow falls onstage, the enchanted Christmas tree grows and grows, mice battle with toy soldiers and Clara travels to the magical Land of Sweets!  Our Ensembles and Ballet Companies all participate in CAPA’s magical December holiday offering…a full length, narrated version of the classical favorite, “THE NUTCRACKER.”  CAPA’s Nutcracker has become a much loved Lamorinda tradition and is on the “don’t miss” list for many families.  It’s a highly professional production with gorgeous costumes, beautiful sets, and of course the amazing talents of over 100 local performers.  It’s great fun for all ages…even preschoolers love it as the narrator helps engage them in the timeless tale of Clara and her enchanted Christmas Eve.  Tickets always sell out quickly, but should be a “must” for family and friends on your holiday calendar.  Six public performances will be held this year.  The Saturday and Sunday evening performances also include the “Dancers’ Concerto,” featuring our Ensemble Divisions performing tap, jazz, production & contemporary pieces.


How Do I Get Tickets?

Tickets will be available to the public via on November 7th, 2016, at 12pm.  The parent pre-sale begins on November 1st at 7pm.  Each performer in The Nutcracker is able to purchase two tickets (total) in advance.  The access code will be emailed to all parents before the sale.  🙂 Click here to go to our page (click “Live Events” to see upcoming Nutcracker performances).

Who Performs in the Nutcracker?

All of CAPA’s Ballet Companies as well as several of the traditional performing ensembles (Daisy, Rose, Poppy, Violet & Sr. Ensemble) perform in the Nutcracker.

Who Can Audition and When are Auditions?

You must be a member of one of CAPA’s Ballet Companies to be eligible to audition for featured roles.  Only featured roles need to audition…ALL Ballet Company members (as well as several other ensembles) will perform with their company in the Nutcracker.  Auditions were held on September 25.

When is it?

Nutcracker performances for 2016 will be held from Dec. 16-18, 2016, at the Campolindo Performing Arts Center.

Friday, December 16, 5:30pm (RED CAST) Eventbrite - CAPA's Nutcracker: Friday, December 16, 5:30pm (RED CAST)

Friday, December 16, 8pm (GREEN CAST) Eventbrite - CAPA's Nutcracker: Friday, December 16, 8:00pm (GREEN CAST)

Saturday, December 17, 2pm (GREEN CAST) Eventbrite - CAPA's Nutcracker: Saturday, December 17, 2:00pm (GREEN CAST)

Saturday, December 17, 7pm (RED CAST + CONCERTO) Eventbrite - CAPA's Nutcracker: Saturday, December 17, 7:00pm (RED CAST + CONCERTO)

Sunday, December 18, 1pm (RED CAST) Eventbrite - CAPA's Nutcracker: Sunday, December 18, 1:00pm (RED CAST)

Sunday, December 18, 5pm (GREEN CAST + CONCERTO) Eventbrite - CAPA's Nutcracker: Sunday, December 18, 5:00pm (GREEN CAST + CONCERTO)


Who dances when?



Act 1

  • Overture
  • All party scene… Ladies (senior ensemble), gentlemen, children (Poppy)
  • Sylphide group dance
  • Fight (battle scene)… Mice and soldiers… Aurora and Coppelia
  • Snow

Act Two

  • Angels (Daisy)
  • Handmaidens
  • Two by Twos
  • Spanish (Paquita)
  • Arabian (Senior Ensemble)
  • Chinese (Giselle/Kirov)
  • Candy Canes (Violet)
  • Mirlitons (Kitri)
  • Bon Bons (Rose)
  • Waltz of the Flowers (Senior Ballet)
  • Two by Twos – Finale



  • Production: Newsies
  • Daisy  (split cast red/Sat., green/Sun.)
  • Violet  (split cast red/Sat., green/Sun.)
  • Junior Ensemble (Sunday only)
  • Iris (Saturday only)
  • Calla (Sunday only)
  • Lilac (Saturday only)
  • Senior Tap (all dancers both nights)
  • Rose  (split cast red/Sat., green/Sun.)
  • Production: The Wonder of Wonder
  • Poppy  (split cast red/Sat., green/Sun.)
  • Senior Ensemble (all dancers both nights)