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2018 June Showcase Dress Rehearsal Schedule – June 9th & 10th


  • Dress Rehearsal at CAPA – Saturday, June 9th
  • Dress Rehearsal at Campolindo High School P.A.C. – Sunday, June 10th
  • June Show Performances – Monday, June 11th – Saturday, June 16th


Saturday Rehearsal Schedule…June 9th at CAPA

Please do not be late.  Full costumes and hair as it will be worn in show. NO MAKEUP NEEDED FOR SATURDAY.   The time listed for your group is the time your dancer needs to be in the studio, in costume and ready to dance.  Rehearsal is held in Studio A.  Other studios will be used for dressing rooms for dancers in multiple pieces, and those assignments will be posted in Studio A on rehearsal day.  Moms…be forewarned that the lobby will be packed that day.  We will be selling tights and assorted other show needs that day for those who still need them.  Sunday at the theater has much more space and is much more fun to watch!

10:30-12:00  Intro to Dance, Beginning Dance, Young Dancer

11:30-2:15    Beginning Hip-Hop, Ballet 1, Ballet 2, Tap 1, Tap 2, Tap 3, Jazz 1, Jazz 2, Jazz 3 & Intro to Contemporary

2:00-3:00    Aurora, Coppelia, Daisy, Poppy, Rose, Violet

2:45-4:45    Calla, Lilac, Iris, Sylphide, Kirov, Paquita, Kitri, Beg/Intermediate Contemporary & Production 1, 2, 3 & 4

4:30-6:15      Tap 4, Tap 4/5, Tap 5, Tap 6, Adv. Tap, Jazz 4, Jazz 5, Jazz 5/6, Adv. Jazz & AP Jazz

6:00-8:00(ish)    Jr. Tap, Sr. Tap, Jr. Ensemble, Sr. Ensemble, Adv. Contemporary, AP Contemporary, Jr. & Sr. Ballet Companies & Senior Solos

  • If a dancer is rehearsing back to back numbers, it is okay to simply change into the proper shoes and not do a full costume change
  • We may end earlier or later depending on the Senior Solos


Sunday Rehearsal Schedule…June 10th at CAMPO (CPAC)

Please do not be late.  Costumes, hair and make-up all required. Dancers should be ready to dance (in their first costume, hair and make-up ready) by 11:00. (Please do not show up at 11:00 needing to get ready.) Production dancers please be there and ready by 10:30am.  We will run all shows in the order in which they perform, BUT THIS YEAR WE WILL BE RUNNING THEM FROM SHOW C TO SHOW A…SO SHOW C, THEN SHOW B, THEN SHOW A.  Dances will not be rehearsed again if they have been already been rehearsed in one of the shows, so, for example, if you have a dance in Show C and Show A, you will be done after Show C rehearses.  The only exception is if the Teacher or Director wishes to rehearse it again and will announce that.  Click here to download a printable show order.  🙂

11:00 – 1:00               Show C – Act One

12:45 – 2:45               Show C – Act Two

2:45 – 4:15               Show B – Act One (except for dances already rehearsed in Show C)

4:00 – 5:00               Show B – Act Two (except for dances already rehearsed in Show C)

5:00 – 5:30               BREAK – Please bring a bagged meal (approximate & subject to shortening if needed)

5:30 – 6:15               Show A – Act One (except for dances already rehearsed in Show C or B)

6:15 – ?                    Show A – Act Two (except for dances already rehearsed in Show C or Show B) and ANY REMAINING DANCES NEEDING WORK.

Once your dance has rehearsed, you are free to go if you don’t have any more dances in the show.


Rules & Expectations, a.k.a. The Fine Print. 

Yeah, you need to read it.


Please read this information carefully!  Please understand that in order for this show to run smoothly, there can be no exceptions to the rules.  They are for everyone to help make this a wonderful experience for the dancers, staff and families.  Dancers should be well prepared and practice her/his dances so she/he is comfortable performing.


  1. NO OBSERVERS ARE ALLOWED AT REHEARSALS EXCEPT: One parent or guardian per dancer.  Children under 10 DO NEED an adult caregiver present, as we do not provide childcare. No siblings, babies, friends or relatives other than that are allowed. This includes non-performing children being cared for by nannies or babysitters. No exceptions!  Please arrange childcare for other children in advance.  The reason for this is that the theater has limited seating, and if every dancer has multiple people there, there wouldn’t be enough room, so we have to have the same rule for everyone.


  1. No one other than dancers & parent helpers (both at rehearsals & shows) are allowed in the dressing rooms in Studios B, C & D at CAPA or at CAMPO. Each child under 10 and older dancers needing help because of rapid changes will be allotted one helper only. NO MEN ARE ALLOWED IN THE DRESSING ROOMS. ONLY female helpers are allowed in the dressing rooms because young girls may be in various stages of undress and we must protect their privacy.  Friends & relatives may not come into the dressing room and are only allowed to see dancers outside.




  1. Do not leave valuables in the dressing room. CAPA does not assume responsibility for any personal items.


  1. Take everything home each day.  CAPA is not responsible for lost items.


  1. No eating or drinking, other than water, in costume. NO FOOD is allowed in the dressing rooms at CAPA, the theater, lobby, and the backstage dressing room at CAMPO…however food IS allowed in the CAMPO dressing room (their MUR, also known as the cafeteria).  Just please don’t eat in costume (hint…bring a bathrobe!).


  1. No eating or drinking ANYWHERE in the theater – this is Campo’s rule, which we need to respect.


  1. No costumes are permitted inside or in front of the theater on show days.  If parents or children plan to watch any part of the show, they must have purchased a ticket and dancers must have other clothes to change into.


  1. Both rehearsals are mandatory, unless there is a written doctor’s excuse.  If a dancer chooses to miss rehearsal for any other reason, she/he will not perform.


  1. For both rehearsals, please arrive READY TO DANCE AT THE APPOINTED TIME.  This means arriving early enough to warm up & get organized – usually 30 minutes in advance. For performances, dancers should be present and in costume 30 minutes ahead of performing time.


  1. Dancers should arrive completely costumed for their first dance at both rehearsals and shows. For rehearsal at CAMPO, dancers should come into the theater & wait quietly after putting any remaining costumes in the dressing room. For performances, dancers should go to the dressing room & find their group.


  1. Please instruct younger dancers to wait for someone in the dressing room until they can be picked up on show days.  It is each family’s responsibility to pick up their dancer(s) in a timely fashion as soon as they are done performing. Dancers who have finished performing should not be left in the dressing room for the rest of the show.  We do not provide childcare and are concerned about their safety.


  1. There is NO flash photography or videotaping during any part of the performances. A quality DVD will be available for purchase (CAPA provides the videographer).


14. Absolutely no photography or filming of any kind is allowed at CAPA, in the dressing rooms, theater or backstage without express permission from the subjects being photographed or filmed.  This is especially sensitive in the dressing rooms where dancers are changing.



All rehearsals are fully costumed dress rehearsals with proper hair.

  • Costumes need to be performance ready.  This means unwrinkled, sewn and not pinned.
  • Correct shoes & tights.  Younger dancers’ tap shoes need elastic or buckle straps that can be slipped on while buckled.
  • All tights need to be uniform (the same brand – Primasoft). CAPA has all the needed tights for sale in the office.
  • No panties under tights please!
  • Headpieces need to be secured to prevent them falling off.
  • Shoes should be clean (wet wipes work really well!).
  • Stage make-up necessary for all shows & the second rehearsal at CAMPO (not CAPA).
  • No jewelry, temporary tattoos, or colored hair ornaments unless part of the costume. This includes earrings.
  • No colored nail polish.
  • Hair should be neat and in the hairstyle discussed with the teacher. SPRAY ALL WISPIES!
  • Inventory & make a list of what is necessary for each dance.  Check it before leaving home, then again when leaving rehearsals and shows.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this, and for your cooperation.  It will be a great show and a great experience for your dancers!  I know this all sounds intense, and to a degree it is, but only because it has to be for things to run smoothly and hence also be fun.  It’s just one week a year (two if you are in The Nutcracker) of “CAPA Craziness.”  Once you experience it, though, we hope you’ll agree it’s mostly good crazy!