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June Showcase Tickets

June Showcase Tickets

We are getting closer and closer to our annual June Showcase!  This will give you all the information you need to purchase your tickets.  Apologies for the length of this note…we know you all have questions and we’ve done our best to answer as many of them as possible in this email.  Please read all the info before coming to us with questions, as the answer is likely below.


You may be familiar with the feeding frenzy when it comes to ticket purchasing for CAPA shows.  With over 250 dancers per show and only 450 seats in the theater, we can’t promise every person as many tickets as they want, but we are doing what we can to ensure that at least every dancer’s parents get to see her or him perform at least once. To do this, we are again enabling a parent pre-sale  purchase (before they go on sale to the public) for dancers only.  


How does the parent pre-sale work?


Each dancer will be allotted two tickets per show type (A, B or C), PER DANCER, that she performs in.  So, if you have a dancer who performs only in Show A (Monday and Thursday), you will be able to purchase TWO pre-sale tickets, and you can choose whether you want them to be for Show A on Monday OR Show A on Thursday.  If you have a dancer who performs in Show A AND Show C, you will be able to purchase FOUR pre-sale tickets – two for Show A and two for Show C – and you can choose whether you want your Show A tickets to be on Monday or Thursday and if you want your Show C tickets to be Wednesday or Saturday.  If you have a dancer who performs in all THREE shows (A, B and C), you will be able to purchase SIX pre-sale tickets total… two for Show A, two for Show B, and two for Show C.  Please note that each dancer gets two tickets total per show type he or she is in, not two tickets to both performances of that show (we totally wish we could…but then there wouldn’t be enough.  Dancers understand that their parents often can’t attend every performance).  

For those families with more than one dancer, each one of your dancers will be allotted two tickets per show type they perform in.  So, for example, if you have one child who is only in Show A and another child who is in both Show A and Show B, then you can purchase six total pre-sale tickets…four to Show A and two to Show B.  Taking the number of dancers and the number of seats in the theater into consideration, we feel that allotting two tickets per dancer, per show type, is the most fair and equitable way to make sure that every performer gets to have his or her special someone in the audience.  

The parent pre-sale will last from this coming Monday, May 14th, at 7pm to Thursday, May 17th, at 3pm, at which point it will close.  If, for some reason, you miss these emails and miss your chance to get your parent pre-sale tickets, we are going to audit every purchase and make sure that every single dancer has their two tickets.  Any dancer who has not purchased their two tickets will be assigned tickets to one of the shows they are performing in and the tickets (plus a service charge) will be charged to your CAPA account.  We don’t recommend this option b/c (A) you don’t get to pick which show you get tickets to; (B) you don’t get to select your own seats; and (C) it creates a ton of extra work on our end during a very busy time.  However, it does ensure that no one is going to be left empty handed.  Please, though, if you want to go to the show, do purchase your pre-sale tickets.  

When and where will these tickets go on sale?

Parent pre-sale tickets will go on sale at 7pm on Monday, May 14th.   Tickets will be available for purchase online from either your home computer or your mobile phone from the below link.  NOTE: Eventbrite has a great app that makes it SUPER EASY to purchase from your smart phone.  No need to be at a desk with a computer.  Just download the app (search for “Eventbrite” in your app store) and you will be ready to go!  The only difference in purchasing from your phone is that you can’t select specific seats from the app, it assigns you the “best available” at that moment, which are generally the seats you would want anyway.


For the parent pre-sale, you can only access the site and purchase pre-sale tickets with a special access code, which will go live at 7pm on Monday, May 14th.  The parent pre-sale will be active through 3pm on Thursday, May 17th. The access code was emailed to all CAPA parents.

When will tickets go on sale to the general public so I can buy more?

The remaining tickets will go on sale to the public and the password protected feature will be removed at 7pm on Wednesday, May 23rd, at which time you may purchase as many as you wish.  Please note that once it opens to the public, tickets will go extremely quickly, sometimes in as little as a few minutes. Hint: use the Eventbrite app from your phone!

Other FAQ’s

Q: How will you keep track of who’s buying what, so that some people don’t “cheat” and buy more than they are allotted?

A: As part of the ordering process, you will be asked to enter the name of the dancer for whom you are purchasing tickets to see.  We have a detailed spreadsheet that shows us each and every CAPA dancer as well as what shows he or she is performing in, and as the orders come in, we will be comparing the purchases with our dancer list.


Q: What happens if someone buys more than they are supposed to?

A: Unfortunately, if we see, for example, that Janie Jazzhands is performing only in Show A but that four tickets have been purchased under her name, we will need to cancel all four tickets in order to make sure we are being fair to everyone, and she will then need to purchase her tickets during the public sale.

Q: When do June Show Volunteer Jobs open up?  

A: You will be able to sign up for June Show Jobs on Monday, May 21st.


Q: I have way more than two people that want to come see my dancer perform…what are the chances they will be able to come?

A: Using this system has worked extremely well the last several years, and just about everyone was able to obtain what they needed by purchasing tickets as soon as they went on sale.  We are putting these pre-sale allotments in place simply to avoid the hoarding of tickets (one year we had one family purchase 86 tickets to one show…#truestory).


Q: What are the options (if any) for people that don’t get tickets?

A: There will be an online ticket exchange/buy/sell board on the CAPA website that you can check to purchase tickets from folks that find they have extra (this invariably happens as we get closer to the show).  By showtime, it’s extremely rare for someone who wants to see the show to not have obtained a ticket.  PLEASE DON’T PANIC!  It always works out in the end.  Also, one performance each of Show A, B and C are professionally filmed and DVDs will be available for purchase mid-summer.


Q: Can we select our own seats?

A: Yes!  Eventbrite now offers seat selection during the ticketing process when you are purchasing from a laptop.  Purchasing through the app (via a smartphone) assigns you the best seats available at that moment.

Q. How do I know which show(s) my child is performing in?

A. Before you ask us, please click here for the list of shows and the order in which the pieces perform.  The answer you are looking for is there!


Here is the link again to our organizer page on Eventbrite. From there, you simply select the show(s) you wish to purchase tickets for and the site will walk you through the process. 


We can’t wait to see your beautiful dancers on our stage!


Warm regards,