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2017 June Showcase – Show Schedule/Performance Order

Hello CAPA Family! Here is the link to the show order for our upcoming June Showcase.  Click here for a printable order.  As a reminder, both dress rehearsals are mandatory and will be held on Saturday & Sunday, June 10th & 11th.  Saturday’s rehearsal is held at CAPA and is generally rehearsed by age (youngest classes first around 10am, they are dismissed when their class is done), while Sunday’s rehearsal is held at the theater and is run in the order the pieces will be performed.

Each class performs in at least two of our six shows. Show A performs on Monday and Thursday; Show B performs on Tuesday and Friday; and Show C performs on Wednesday and Saturday. To be eligible to participate in any performance, each dancer must attend both dress rehearsals and all performances of their assigned show(s).

Putting together a show order that does not have any dancers performing in back to back numbers and that distributes the ages and levels in a manner that flows well is a complicated process, so please do not ask for changes. With dozens of families with multiple dancers, it just isn’t possible to arrange the shows so that siblings can perform together (although we would love to make that happen for all of you!), and, yes, it is necessary for some of our younger classes to perform in Act 2 (they have always survived staying up later than usual for a special night, we promise!).

If there is just one or two pieces between a dancer’s two numbers, that’s enough time for a quick backstage change and we will issue the mom a backstage pass to help with the quick change.

Click here for a printable show order!