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Group Photo Schedule

Ensemble and Ballet Company Photos
Greetings parents! With the June Showcase comes…group photos! (And individual photos for all those who’d like them!) Please make every effort to be at your photo shoot, as these group photos will be displayed at CAPA for the year, and we want the groups to be complete.  We know it’s been challenging in years past to come in on a weekday morning during show week for photos, especially as no one really wants to do show hair and makeup at 9am when the shows are at 7pm, right? This year, we will be doing the group and individual photos at CAPA (Studio D) in the late afternoon before the shows, so you don’t have to make an extra trip or a whole extra getting-ready-session. Also, we are shooting all the groups on the day they are performing that piece.  Hurrah!  Below is the schedule. Photos will be taken in Studio D, and as soon as you are done you can grab a bite and head to the theater.

For your ensemble shot, please wear the costume you are wearing for your ensemble piece, and for ballet company shots, please wear your ballet company costume. Hair and makeup should be as it is for the show for that piece. Our wonderful photographer, James Brian Fidelibus, is also offering individual sessions for any dancers that wish to more fully capture the memory of this year in dance…this is especially great for dancers who may need audition photos at some point.  Here are some notes from James Brian…

1 – James Brian Studios is offering digital folios and memory mates as we have in previous years.  We will also offer prints of costumed dancers (full-length) in dance poses.  We have more package options available this year. 
2 – Individual shots (in different costumes) will be shot at the time (right before or after) each group that they are part of.  We will have a second cameraman there for these shots. 
3 – To be included in the group shot, all dancers must arrive 15 minutes BEFORE their scheduled group time, ready to go. THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT!  WE HAVE TO STAY ON TIME TO ENSURE DANCERS AREN’T LATE TO THE THEATER. 
4 – The order form was emailed ahead of time so parents/dancers can fill it out ahead of time, and we will also be there to help and answer questions. CAPA will have forms on hand at the dress rehearsal at CAPA on Saturday and at the photo shoots.  
5 – Parents/Dancers can also call/email us with questions about the form or the process ahead of time:  925-934-4455 or  
6 – We can accept cash, checks, and Visa/MC for payments.

Group Photo Schedule: Monday, June 10th

3:40pm – Jr. Ensemble
4:00pm – Sylphide
4:20pm – Rose 
4:40pm – Iris
5:00pm – Violet
5:20pm- Paquita
5:40pm – Coppelia  

Group Photo Schedule: Tuesday, June 11th

4:00pm – Sr. Ballet
4:20pm – Calla
4:40pm – Sr. Ensemble
5:00pm – Kitri

Group Photo Schedule: Wednesday, June 12th 

3:40pm – Jr. Ballet
4:00pm – Aurora
4:20pm – Daisy
4:40pm – Poppy
5:00pm -Lilac
5:20pm – Violet
5:40pm – Kirov