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Info for Sitters & Nannies

Parents, please familiarize all sitters, nannies or others who may be accompanying your dancer of CAPA policies including the following:

–  enter PLEASE BE ON TIME FOR CLASS. Dancers more than ten minutes late must have a signed note from a parent or guardian explaining the reason for the tardiness, and may only participate in the rest of class at the teacher’s discretion.

–  source NO FOOD OR DRINK other than water is permitted in Studios A, B, D & main lobby.  Food and drink is permitted in the Studio C lobby only.

–  NON-DANCING SIBLINGS ARE ONLY ALLOWED IN WAITING ROOMS IF THEY CAN WATCH QUIETLY. Please, no large toys, bikes or strollers taking up floor space. Also, please don’t block doorways.

–  CARETAKERS WITH MULTIPLE CHILDREN FROM DIFFERENT FAMILIES may not bring them to CAPA unless every child is in class.

–  BE PREPARED: Check before coming to class to make sure your dancer has all shoes and dancewear and any other necessary items.