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General Policies & Expectations

Students are expected to treat other students and all staff with respect at all times.

–  No food or drink other than water is permitted in Studios A, B, D or the main lobby.  Food may be consumed in the Studio C lobby only.

–  Gossiping among students or parents is discouraged.

–  Negative comments about, or behavior towards, other students, parents or staff will not be tolerated.  CAPA reserves the right to dismiss students for such behavior or to ask parents or others acting inappropriately to leave.

–  CAPA’s lobby and waiting rooms are for watching your dancer or for dancers waiting for the next class.  These spaces are not playrooms, childcare centers, snack rooms or social gathering spots.  Please keep these spaces must be kept quiet when classes are in session, and obey all posted notices.

–  Please avoid bringing other children or siblings to class unless they can watch quietly.  Caretakers with multiple children from various families may not bring them to CAPA unless every child is in class.

–  Foul language is not permitted.

–  Unless all members of the class are included, please do not allow your students to bring invitations, cards, treats or gifts for class members to CAPA.  Also, please refrain from discussing party details in class when all were not included.

–  CHANGES IN CLASSES or class levels can only be made with the permission of the director, not the teacher. If you need to change a class because of scheduling you must notify the office.  Please do not ask the teacher to do this.

–  LATE ARRIVAL TO CLASS:  A dancer more than ten minutes late cannot join the class without a written excuse from parent or driver. For those who drive themselves, teacher discretion can be used, but a signed note from a parent must be given to the teacher giving the reason for the lateness before class the following week.

–  VALUABLES:  Money, good jewelry and other valuables should not be brought to CAPA. Valuable personal items should be brought into the dance room. DO NOT leave them in the lobby or dressing room during class. CAPA is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

–  LABEL YOUR THINGS:  All dance shoes and dancewear should be clearly marked with the owner’s name to prevent loss. This applies to all costumes, accessories and props. Mark jackets and sweatshirts as well.

–  PLEASE PICK UP YOUR DANCERS ON TIME AFTER CLASS:  CAPA staff has other obligations and often must leave promptly after class is over. We cannot be responsible for your children after class time is over, and we cannot leave them unattended. CAPA does not provide babysitting services. Be sure to have current contact numbers on file with CAPA so that we can contact you if needed. If a teacher has to stay with your child you will be charged for the teacher’s time. You will be charged $20 for each five minute increment that the teacher has to remain with the student.