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Did you know that……

99% of all our CAPA grads have gone on to graduate from college. You’ll find these grads at America’s top universities (Cal, UCLA, Columbia, Vanderbilt and many others).

CAPA has had dancers at ABT (American Ballet Theater), in Hollywood movies and on Broadway. A former CAPA alumnus can be seen on nationwide TV, and many of our performers grace local theater stages on a regular basis. We’ve even had stars of Beach Blanket Babylon!

Many of our Ensemble Members are honor students and very involved in both school and community activities – active, busy, and well rounded youngsters. Many also play varsity sports or serve on the spirit squad in addition to dancing between five and thirteen hours a week – and still get those wonderful grades.

CAPA has performed at Disneyland, Disney World and on Princess cruise ships!

CAPA’s dancers are winners. We have many national, state and regional championships to our credit. In addition individual CAPA performers have won numerous titles and honors. Among these are Petite Miss Dance of America, Jr. Miss, Jr. Mister and Master Dance of California, Runners-up to Miss Teenage America, Miss California, California’s Jr. Miss and Master Dance of America. Add winners of the Concord Pavilion Performing Arts scholarships…. And we could go on and on!

And how time flies!  Some of our students today are the children of some of our first CAPA students!