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Fall/Winter/Spring 2016-2017 School Year Registration

Fall/Winter/Spring School Year 2016-2017 Registration:

REGISTRATION & TUITION: Registration for this school year will begin on 7/21/16 at 7pm  for Ensemble and Ballet Companies after placement information is emailed.

General registration for all other students will begin 7/24/16.

Registering and paying for classes at CAPA for the school year is very simple, and is all done electronically via our website.  Simply go to and register online for the classes you wish to take, and tuition will be automatically charged to your CAPA account in monthly installments just like in the last school year.   We provide price breaks beginning at five hours a week per family for a volume discount.   You can see our fall/winter/spring tuition information here.  If you are new to CAPA, please click here to register and create an account.